The horror will also come on Nintendo Switch with one of the best games of the 2017 and the chapter that, according to the common opinion, has managed to revive a saga that for too long had remained in the abyss: we are talking about Resident Evil 7 that, on the Japanese hybrid console, will come in the form of "cloud".

Capcom in these hours has indeed announced the arrival of Resident Evil 7 Cloud on Nintendo Switch, currently only in Japan, which relying on the software house servers will allow all owners of the console to play anywhere they want, more or less. As you can guess, you will need an omnipresent internet connection: you can in fact download it a client from 45 MB for free, play for around 15 minutes and then, for 2000 yen (about 15 euros) buy a subscription from 180 days which allows you to play the whole game.

For the moment it has not been revealed a possible arrival also in Europe and United States, while in Japan Resident Evil 7 Cloud will land on eShop the 24 May. This could certainly be an excellent trick to "turn" on Nintendo Switch games too heavy for the console, but we must also admit that it may incur various problems such as lag or not enough bandwidth to play better.

The future of entertainment will be streaming and we will have to expect more Cloud games, especially on Nintendo Switch, or this Resident Evil 7 will it be an isolated case?