La Paradox Interactive, developer of strategy and simulation games for PC, among them Cities: Skylines, beloved by ours Fraws, is shifting his attention to the world of board games.

Al PDXCon in fact they have announced that they are working with famous board game designers to transfer the experience of their games in physical version, with the idea of ​​keeping intact themes and mechanics of their titles.

The first board game to see the light will be Crusader Kingsmedieval simulation that sees players engaged in expanding their kingdom while they move between various personal pieces, such as assassination attempts or trying to grow an heir.

The game is currently on the platform of crowdfunding Kickstarter where it has largely exceeded its initial goal of 48.000 euro.

Then it should be right there Cities: Skylines. The city management game will have a modular map available and it will be a competitive cooperative, where players will build buildings to create a city together, while in the meantime they will accumulate points for the final victory.

If the length of a match of Crusader Kings will attest to the 2-3 hours, Cities: Skylines it should be much shorter, settling on the time of play around.

The other two titles of the paradox that will be "converted" to the board game will be Europe Universalis e Hearts of Iron.

Small peculiarity: for Europe Universalis is a welcome return to the world of board games, as the video game itself was based on a boardagame of the 1993 created by Philippe Thibaut.