The size of online strategy games has changed considerably in recent years: this particular gaming segment has always been characterized by the ability to offer players the best possible gaming experience and a high level of challenge, combining the elements that go to distinguish the thematic features typical of multiplayer MMO games, with the possibility of creating unprecedented challenges among the various users. Naturally, the possibilities are rapidly evolving, and today many users prefer titles that can be played directly from smartphones. Some experts in the field multiplayer gaming for smartphone have compiled for you a list of tips and suggestions that can be used to improve your use of strategic games currently available on mobile platforms. There is something for everyone, given the great variety of style and setting, so you can choose whether to devote to a game focused on fantasy worlds or war conflicts set in the past, present and future.

The logic of these games however, it is characterized by a constant that unites them all, even with the due differences: these multiplayer titles can be exploited to the best advantage directly from your mobile device, and no compromises are necessary that make them less enjoyable. Within the Plarium securities park, for example, one of the most renowned software houses in this sector, mobile games are really (guys, but really) many, and it is possible to indulge in sci-fi and apocalyptic contexts. For example, science fiction fans could appreciate Terminator Genisys: Future War, where the struggle between cyborg and human machines retraces the exploits of the filmic work conceived and realized by James Cameron, while lovers of mythology and fantasy find their passions in games like Vikings: War of Clans or Throne: Kingdom at war. The strategies to excel in this type of context are really many, but there is a fundamental advice valid in every occasion: never underestimate the importance of staying focused during the tutorial, which is very useful for getting into the chosen scenario and being prepared for the challenge . In a strategy game for mobile devices the component of planning and resource gathering, in which you have to build a village, fortify a castle, build weapons or collect food and ammunition, is essential as well as absolutely preparatory to progress better in the game in order to get to the heart of your strategic battle. What is sown is collected.

For all multiplayer MMO games it is instead fundamental to search and find allies, as well as to have a full and clear understanding of the purpose of the game. For this reason your first games must be a moment of study and have great concentration for details, which are essential for a narrative progression (the lore !!!) and the gameplay itself. Although often you want to dive into the action immediately, leave out the initial training moment, it is really a mistake not to be committed in order to be able then to be able to concentrate immediately on the initial mechanics. In Vikings: War of Clans for example, the point of view of Jarl, lord of war, is fundamental for understanding and progression in the game and underestimating it can not lead to anything good for the survival of our game. Because of this, tricks and winning strategies are often based on understanding the first part of the game, given that once you get into the action, with lots of battles, raids and other more adrenaline steps, everything will be easier and more playable, whether from a browser or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.