To celebrate the arrival on of Adult Visual Novel, so mistreated by Steam (as you can read in this article), here you are, always and only for FREE, Sunrider - Mask of Arcadius.

"As Captain Kayto Shields, we will embark on a galactic journey of heroism and survival. With his destroyed planet and his conquered nation, the inexperienced Captain Shield, and his brand new spaceship, the Sunrider, are the only hope against the wicked who want to subjugate all sentient life. Together with his faithful First Officer, he will commit himself to seeking allies among the stars to recover his planet and restore peace to the galaxy ".

Apart from the rip-off of character design from some well-known products (like Evangelion or Steins: Gate just to name a couple), Sunrider - Mask of Arcadius it remains a good strategic game, also endowed with a certain complexity, besides having the classic elements from Visual novel during his Story Mode, with some surprises NSFW.

Sunrider - Mask of Arcadius is the second chapter of the Sunrider trilogy, on offer, always on, at a discounted price.

You can find the free version at this link, where you can also find the link for the complete trilogy offer.

To bring Adult Visual Novels on the platform of Gog he thought about it MangaGamer, which seeing the doors closed by the Valve, has decided to make agreements with new distributors (and soon other publishers will follow in their footsteps).