From today on eShop dei Nintendo Switch Japanese is available for download (with 15 minutes of free game) Resident Evil 7 Cloud, a completely hosted version on servers Capcom of the famous horror game that, in this way, could also get on the hybrid console.

The release, as already mentioned, took place in only Japan, but this does not prevent you from downloading the game anywhere with a Japanese account on your console, wherever you are: apparently many Americans have done it, finding not a few problems once the title has started.

That there would be problems was imaginable, given that Resident Evil 7 Cloud servers are located in Japan, but for US users this does not matter, complaining and denigrating the game with several videos on YouTube where they are highlighted graphics problems, but above all for i connectivity problems (lag and stuttering).

Before complaining and maybe accusing Capcom and Nintendo Switch maybe you should wait for the game to officially come out in Europe and the United States; at the moment the only opinions that really matter is that of the Japanese, who can try Resident Evil 7 Cloud at best performance and without (theoretically) technical limits.