In a series of post on the blog, the most recent of which was published this week, DICE talked about how your company of soldiers will evolve during the game.

For starters, the developer has confirmed that Battlefield 5 will be published with two factions: English e German. You can only have one company per faction and each of them will continue to make improvements through multiplayer and cooperative mode. In Battlefield 5 you can customize the genre, race, skin of the soldier's face and a host of other elements, all of which will be saved.

Tides of War, the way in which DICE will expand the life of the game after launch, will bring new content in the form of seasons. Each season will cover a particular part of the war and will add a new faction or map, as well as customization elements appropriate to the theme.

The seasons will be updated after a few months and each of them will offer unique events, limited time, exclusive plates, face paints, skins and much more. You can also have a mission operating over several weeks, special assignments and other events.

A blog post also talked about Archetypes, a subclass concept that reduces each class to specific roles. For example, support can become an engineer or machine gunner, and everyone will have a set number of weapons and gadgets to choose from.

Recall that Battlefield 5 will be published on October 19.