Mega Man one of the most famous icons of video games, despite the time has been forgotten (more from Capcom that by fans); finally after so many collectors and collections we will have a real new chapter called, in fact, Mega Man 11.

The announcement of his arrival was accompanied by so much enthusiasm, even for the arrival of a dedicated amiibo, but apparently we Europeans will have to curb a little 'hearts: Capcom has indeed announced that in the Old Continent Mega Man 11 will only arrive in digital format and that at the moment has nothing to declare regarding the amiibo.

If for the amiibo there could still be hope, maybe wanting to reserve an ad dedicated to the Nintendo Direct dell'E3 2018, regarding the physical version of the game it seems that we must put our soul in peace.

The return of the blue bomber with Mega Man 11, for us Europeans, it will only be digital.