Last year, Valve has taken steps to mitigate the number of useful games are to farm cards on Steam by developing a system that prevents games from giving cards until they believe that real people are actually playing it. Now he's doing the same thing with games born just to set goals.

In a short message sent to the group of private developers (which we can read via SteamDB e Reddit), Valve says that this type of games is not used by many people but still confuses the algorithms. For this reason, if a game has not reached the reliability metric developed by Valve for collectible card farming games, this game will be limited to 1.000 targets that will not be counted within a player's global goals. The game will also not be considered within the number of games that you own and will not be eligible for coupons.

An alert now appears on the store page of any game that falls under these restrictions.

Running Through Russia 2, for example, contains this message.

"We do not believe that these constraints will negatively affect real games in any way", said Valve, "And the removal of fake games should improve the store experience for everyone".