Sanhok it is much smaller than the other two maps of PUBG. It is only 4 km x 4 km (one-quarter the size of Erangel or Miramar) big, so games tend to end faster.

Because it's a small map, some settings have been optimized to fit its design. For example, distant players and vehicles are not rendered the same way on Sanhok to improve server performance.

Furthermore, the weather in Sanhok changes dynamically. The red zone is smaller and the center of the red zone appears outside the playing area (white circle), which means that players are more at risk when they are out of the playing zone. Meanwhile, the blue Sanhok area has shorter waiting times and longer travel times.

The object spawning rules have also been optimized to make players well equipped for battle faster. The 8x and 15x scopes are not generated but can only be obtained from the emergency drop.

Sanhok also has an exclusive weapon. The QBZ is an AR that uses 5,56 mm strokes and can contain 30 per loader (it can be extended up to 40 hits).