The times seem to have ended when, to buy a video game, one had to go "obligatorily" from specialized stores such as GameStop. Between the advent of digital and eCommerce (especially Amazon), the well-known Texan chain has in recent years had to revise its marketing and sales strategies several times, but it seems to have come to a point of no return.

After some items reported by Reuters, the official confirmation of the company has now arrived GameStop sale, which is also already in talks with the American private equity fund Sycamore Partners.

It was therefore not necessary to focus on the used and widen its market to products other than video games, such as action figures and theme clothing, to avoid the sale of the company: only in the last twelve months has it been in fact recorded a decrease of around 30% of the value of the shares.

Currently GameStop has not issued further information or commented on the matter, we will see in the future what will be the fate of the most famous video game chain in the world.