One of the most important announcements of Microsoft's E3 2018 was Gears 5, new main chapter of the beloved saga, which apparently on Xbox One X will give the best of himself, at least talking about the console.

If 60fps are the order of the day on high-end PCs, some doubts may rightly be on the console, given also the excellent graphic impression that Gears 5 made in his first video. To talk about the thing is Guy Welch, Xbox Marketing Director, who ensured the development team's commitment to targeting maximum fluidity on Xbox One X in every mode.

Unlike Gears 4, which came to 60fps only in multiplayer, with Gears 5 you will aim at the maximum possible frame rate even in the single player campaign. This will obviously only be possible on Xbox One X, but given the excellent technical section of the game, it would be really good news; we hope the development team will keep their word.