The wait for cyberpunk 2077 it is still long, but following the preview during the E3, CD Projekt Red has begun to reveal cautiously different details on the mechanics of the expected game. After i recent comments on the freedom of the player to choose the system of gameplay who prefers, this time to go into the spotlight was a different kind of freedom: to choose, a real cornerstone for each RPG that respects. More specifically, the Polish software house has focused on the consequences of the actions taken by the players.

Mike Pondsmith, the creator of cyberpunk 2020 - the board game that inspired the videogame adaptation. During an interview, Pondsmith revealed that the decision-making system in the video game it will be very similar to that of the board game, with an emphasis on the consequences: no system of karma, therefore, with in its place a dynamic system that will keep track of our choices. The example chosen by Pondsmith is that of a faction against whom we have taken a hostile action - like shooting one of their members. But this will also apply to law enforcement or citizenship.

Details are scarce in any case, but knowing the dedication of CD Projekt Red for the ramifications of the decisions and their consequences, there is something to be optimistic about. The interview can be viewed in full Let us know if you have any suggestions

cyberpunk 2077 it is still unpublished, and is in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.