In a recent interview awarded to Eurogamer, the former creative director of the Dead Space series, Ben Wanat, revealed in which direction an eventuality would develop Dead Space 4.

Il sequel to Dead Space 3 he had to focus more on exploring and gathering resources for survival. The game would, therefore, offer an alternation of scripted sections and freely explorable areas.

"The idea", explains Wanat in the interview, "Was to present a survival challenge within different haunted ships, looking for traces of life, resources to keep your ship intact, and survivors."

The player could travel freely from ship to ship, gathering equipment and battling the Necromorphs nestled in the various spacecraft. According to Wanat, every ship would have been different and distinctive: "Imagine an entire roster of spaceships of different types, each of which would have been unique in terms of function, plan and gameplay".

More news about Dead Space 4 they escaped from the interview. Also according to the creative director, the protagonist of the game would not have been Isaac Clarke (main character of the first 3 chapters of the series). More likely the witness would have passed to Ellie, a secondary character of Dead Space 3. The sequel would also introduce new types of Necromorphs, including some that would be more dangerous in zero-gravity environments.

Il controversial crafting system of the third chapter would then be reviewed and improved. According to Wanat, the weapon construction system was great because it favored the creativity of the players. At the same time, however, it had been very difficult to balance precisely because of the excessive freedom granted.

A pity that all these interesting ideas are destined to remain unattainable dreams, due to the closing of Visceral Games...