Kingdom Hearts III is definitely the most anticipated game of 2019, after many years of silence and postponements that have impatiently but at the same time made dream all the fans of the saga Disney e Square Enix. When finally the 29st January the game will arrive on PlayStation 4 e Xbox OneHowever, it should guarantee many hours of play: the Japanese software house has indeed announced that between main story and secondary content it will come to about 80 hours of play.

If to complete the main story it will take time included between the 40 and the 50 hours, side missions and other mini-games will allow you to extend the longevity by a few more tens of hours. Among these activities, for example, we find the recipes to put together with Remy from Ratatouille, 20 mini-games that recall the old Game & Watch, the customization of the Gummi Ship and many other activities related to each of the worlds.

Kingdom Hearts III It really promises to be the epic final of a beloved saga, we really hope that the result is worth the huge wait.