In the beginning it was PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, then it became Fortnite, in the future it will probably be FIFA 19. It seemed like a joke, and indeed it was, when the two shooter games were at the beginning of their incredible success and, ironically, it was assumed that any video game from that day would be turned into a battle royale.

These included FIFA, but we never really expected the next title in the series to have a way in which one must eliminate one's adversaries.

No tackle style FIFA '98 to the goalkeeper resulting in a red card, in this case we speak of a real mode, called "Survival", In which disputing a simple game at every goal immediately a member of his team will loseuntil one of them is completely eliminated.

To discover the thing was a French site, which he reported via a tweet the menu in which you can choose this mode, and then it would be confirmed by a German magazine. Something like that was already present in the much loved one FIFA Street, but to see him in an ordinary football game leaves really amazed.

There is not yet any official, but now we are ready to decimate the opposing team with shots of goals in the survival mode of FIFA 19, which transforms the title of EA in a real Battle Royale.