The remake of Resident Evil 2 It was undoubtedly one of the biggest and most well received surprises that emerged from the Sony presentation at E3. After his return as a board gameIn fact, Resident Evil 2 will return to the stage in January 2019, with a special remake. Capcom has great ambitions for this remake, and considers it one of the true workhorses to deploy in the 2018 - but the devs are not going to stop here. The possibility that other remakes follow is now concrete.

To declare it is Capcom itself, which describes the choice as a "policy of re-use of our library of intellectual property". It is not clear if Capcom already has specific titles in mind, but the archive they can access is undoubtedly vast and the choice to restore prestige to old franchises seems solid from a commercial point of view, as well as very interesting for the players . To make everything even more promising, there is the quality of Resident Evil 2: as far as you can judge from the material currently available, the game seems really impressive. Here are some beautiful screenshots that compare the remake and the original. And if you really want to make your mouth water, here are five minutes of gameplay: