Not even the time to bring out the challenges of the 4 Week, which a leak from the known FNBRLeaks has unveiled those of the 5 Week in record time. Despite being the reliable source (FNBRLeaks has tickled all of them up to now), such a large advance could also question its predictions. We will certainly keep you updated if there were any changes.
In the meantime, here are the challenges you might expect in the 5 Week of the 5 Season of Fortnite Battle Royale:


  • Search for Forzieri at Crocevia del Ciarpame (7) - 5 stars
  • Use a Fracture (3) - 5 stars
  • Eliminate enemies (3) (Difficult) - 10 stars

Pass Battle

  • Gives damage to opponents with sticky grenades, stinking vials or grenades (300) - 5 stars
  • Make an ace on several tees * - 5 stars
  • Follow the treasure map found in Boschetto Bisunto (Difficile) - 10 stars
  • Eliminate enemies in Confused Conduits (3) (Difficult) - 10 stars

* In golf making an Ace means sending the ball into the hole with just one shot. The Tee, however, is physically the wooden nail that supports the ball before shooting.

Week 5

As you know, these new goals will only be available from Thursday 9 August at 15: 00. Until then, hurry up to conclude those of this week!