Crackdown 3 has entered by right among the most talked and mysterious games of recent times. After some voices insiders who wanted a disaster, even the possible cancellation of the game, to speak now is Paul Porter di Sumo Digital, updating us on the state of development of the works.

In the course of ainterviewin fact, Porter stated that the game is currently complete and that he and the development team have worked hard to reflect the expectations of the players:

My experience with Crackdown is like that of many other people. I played the first one until exhaustion, in co-op and collecting all the orbs. With Crackdown 2, however, after a few hours I wanted to pull the controller on the TV, I was very disappointed. Surely this will not happen with Crackdown 3.

The release date has been moved and confirmed for February 2019 although the game is currently complete, this is because we have the time to improve it again. To make a good game it is important to complete the work, then re-complete it, and then complete it again. And it's just like we're working with Crackdown 3.

The rumors of a possible cancellation of the game are therefore averted; Paul Porter is very optimistic and we hope his enthusiasm will involve players even when Crackdown 3 it will finally be available.