Il Sega Mega Drive he almost has 30 years but continues undaunted to receive new games. Let's talk about Tanglewood, a 16-bit side-scroller, which will be released on the old console Sega il 14 August, as well as on PC means Steam.

Within the game you command a fox called Nymn who at night crosses the Tanglewoods. The video below shows the gameplay of the game:

Tanglewood will also be released in a retail version, playable on consoles of any region, in a box in perfect Mega Drive style. According to a note from the developer Big Evil Corp, this version of the game is reserved for supporters of the Kickstarter project, which has raised over 54.000 dollars.

Tanglewood was produced using the authentic Sega Mega Drive development hardware from Matt Phillips, a Manchester programmer who worked at Traveler's Tales and Crytek. Phillips has programmed the game in pure 68000 assembly language, using original Sega development tools and processes from the 90 years, so Tanglewood should look like a good old game from Mega Drive.