Resident Evil 7 has done a lot of discussion since its first presentation: the abandonment of the third person in favor of the first has initially shaken the purists of the series, but in the end the common opinion is that, disruption of the visual aside, the last chapter of the saga Capcom It is back to the glories of the past.

Nevertheless, the excellent Resident Evil 7 sold less than the mediocre Resident Evil 6, but Capcom really wanted to talk about this through the words of Stuart Turner, during an interview with GamesIndustry:

We have to investors to please, but we do not work only on commercial performance. We always keep in mind the artistic element and we know when we are going in the right direction.

If we compare the numbers of RE6 and RE7, the first wins clearly at sales levels, even as profits ... but that's fine. We have set goals within the company. If a game is well received by critics, for us it is as if it had sold millions and millions.

We prefer a game that takes 9 and sells less to one that takes 6 and sells a lot.

Capcom so quality is, in a sense, more important than sales. In the future it will be important to bring things together, but this change of mentality certainly makes us happy.