During Gamescom we had the opportunity to participate in theevent behind closed doors on Cyberpunk 2077. Event obviously among the most anticipated, given that the seats had been finished for some time and it was impossible to book directly at the fair. With a little luck and adequate preparation, we did it and we will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the new CD Projekt Red title.

The presentation, by the Level Designer Miles Tost, immersed us in a gameplay lasting about 45 minutes, the time needed to complete a mission created specifically to show all the main features. We are at Night City, North California. At disposal we will have an open world with the total absence (or almost) of uploads. We meet the first great feature during the first minutes of play: the character we will play fully customizable, from the backstory, to sex (we can be women) up to the features of the face. Maximum possibility of expression, therefore.
Before going live, we will have to set the "biostats" (features), among which the curious "cool" stands out. Probably the equivalent of the more famous "charisma", it will allow us to move better in the social fabric of Night City.
Once you leave the moment comes for the second, big feature: the game is in first person. We spawn in a house that will be our base where we can, for example, deposit weapons or change clothes.
Once you leave the house, we notice how the world both ccompletely interactive, from the advertising sign that will show us the related store, to the distributor where we can choose our favorite drink. Secondary details, it's true, but still details that will make our Cyberpunk 2077 experience even more realistic.
To be able to move from one area to another we will be able to drive the numerous vehicles present in the game.
Regarding the development of the plot, we wanted to emphasize our most total freedom in the choices to be made. All, of course, with the relative (and different) consequences.
The gameplay introduces typical dynamics of a action / shooter. In combat we can try a "stealth" approach to the Hitman way, or go heavy with the dozens of weapons available, from rifles to swords.

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Having to make some considerations, first of all I tell you: forget The Witcher and forget about Geralt. The CD Projekt Red has drastically changed genre. Not that this is bad, be clear. Simply do not believe that Cyberpunk 2077 can be a The Witcher in the 2077. Although they insist on calling it an "RPG" it is clear, as already written, that it is an action / shooter. We will be able to choose who to be and what "role" to have, of course, but the gameplay leaves no way out.
The tones remain decidedly adults with an undisputed pinch of tamarraggine. Guy The Witcher only in Tor Bella Monaca or Quarto Oggiaro.

In conclusion, Cyberpunk 2077 continues to remain the most anticipated game also in this Gamescom 2018. We still do not know anything about its output, making us understand (only negative note) a discrete slowness in development. If the premises are these, however, it is worth the wait.