While we enjoy Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, we have been talking about them for a few months now console next gen. If in the case of Nintendo still silent and for the Microsoft console we already know the code name "Scarlett", it is still all shrouded in mystery for a possible PlayStation 5, but now we could have the code name.

The user of ResetEra Gemüsepizza, sifting between the lines of Unreal Engine 4 code, has indeed discovered some strings that refer to different consoles: in addition to those already known, we also find an unprecedented "Erebus". This could be just the 5 PlayStation for various reasons.

The causes that lead us to think that it could refer to the next Sony machine are the safe exclusion of the next Microsoft console (which we call Scarlett), but also and above all because Erebus (Erebus) it was a Greek ancestral deity it seems to be of the five entities of creation; the number five, combined with the fact that other Sony consoles also had codenames that referred to Greek mythology (PlayStation 4 was Orbis, PlayStation VR was Morpheus and PlayStation 4 Pro was Neo), it would suggest PlayStation 5.

Obviously these they are just suppositions that make us dream and think that Unreal Engine is already compatible with the next Sony console, but probably to see PlayStation 5 we will have to wait a few more years.