Who follows Fortnite He knows perfectly the name of Ninja, nickname of Tyler Blevins, one of the most famous gamer in the world at the moment.

After making record on record on Twitch (greater number of views for a single event and the first to reach 10 millions of views), Tyler "Ninja" Blevins he will be able to add another record to his already long collection.

In fact it will be the first "professional gamer"To appear on the cover of the prestigious sports magazine ESPN (who celebrated the 20 years of publication this year), confirming (if any were needed) how eSports, especially overseas, are now seen in the strenuous of real sports.

Ninja is a character who always does much to discuss himself (remember the tournament he organized, the Ninja Vegas of which we have already spoken on the pages of PDVG), but there is no doubt that his name and face are currently the best advertisement for the movement of professional gamers and movement eSports in general.