Do you remember when Youtube meant mainly montage? Say when the quality was really required feature and only that one would have granted you a minimum of notoriety: no clickbaiting but only hard-gaming? Say when COD was not yet the tumor what is today?
Well, for those who remember those times gone, you will certainly remember also the iRFleX, the historic Italian clan of Call of Duty which for some years managed to make its way internationally, with members courted by the OpTic, eX, Darth and other clans active in e-sport.
Furthermore, the contribution that iRFleX gave to the history of Youtube Italia is not secondary: Zoda, Blur and Rohn, for example, come from there.

Today, at 5 years since the last video, iRFleX have decided to come back doing what has always come better: impeccable montages and played superfine. Without too many frills. Below is their teamtage, published a few days ago, on COD WW2:

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