The American company Bungie he has something in the pipeline. After a period of scandals related to Destiny 2 - like the rigged XP system and the controversy over microtransactions - the company seems to have found a certain stability and therefore the work proceeds on its future plans. Today these plans they have a name: In fact, Bungie has registered a trademark at the European Union, known by the simple name of Matter and accompanied by a colorful logo.

In addition to the name and logo, at the moment we know little and nothing. Matter is registered in the category to which they belong videogame software and the digital services that concern them. In essence, it could be a video game, or a platform or service of some kind - even if the first hypothesis remains definitely the most probable. The brand was registered by a British company representing Bungie on this side of the Atlantic.

What could boil in the pot? All that remains is to wait for more rumors and maybe more details.