While on the 4 PlayStation Dragon Quest XI is now available in the West, the version for Nintendo Switch (Called Dragon Quest XI S) late not only to have a release date, but also to show itself. Development is not in question, given that many times Square Enix confirmed the progress of the work, but unfortunately to be able to get their hands on the last chapter of the series on the hybrid console we will have to wait "some more time".

A declare they were the producer Hokuto Okamoto and the director Takeshi Uchikawa, also with reference to the Japanese version of the title:

We are still in the middle of the works, we expect the works to go on for some time.

The development team has focused more on the PlayStation 4 version of the game and only now all efforts are dedicated to Nintendo Switch. We do not know how much we will have to wait in terms of months for Dragon Quest XI S, but surely it will be "a little time"