We know that Google Loves le easter egg and makes abundant use of it for anniversaries or simply to capture users' attention. A Reddit user, however, has discovered aeaster egg out of the ordinary, that was really under the nose of all of us for some time. Simply typing "text adventure"(Text adventure) and then going to open the javascript console search engine, the lucky user he found just ... A text adventure game, branded Google.

The game consists of search for letters that make up the word Google - with the exception of the first G, of course: this letter is in fact the protagonist of the story, played by the player and determined to track down his missing friends. The game takes place in the second person and will allow navigation of the surrounding world via simple text commands. Through these commands it will be possible to perform simple actions, such as opening a door or dragging an object.

If you want to try this nice game too, just repeat the search "text adventure"In the search bar and then press CTRL + Shift + I (if you're on PC) or CMD + Option + I (if you're on Mac) to log in to the console.
The game at the moment It is only available on google.com and will not appear with local versions like google.it.