New York, 3 October 2018 - Microsoft shared its vision of the new era of personal productivity at an event in New York, presenting the new Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones, announcing the availability of Windows 10 October 2018 Update and the new Office 365 experiences.

"Our commitment to the realization of the company mission, that is to allow each individual and every company on the planet to realize their potential, has led us to support more and more people both in the workplace and in the private sphere. The provision of tools that can help users in every area of ​​their lives is now more essential than ever when one considers the digital lifestyle adopted by many and the fact that, while offering greater opportunities, it takes over much of our time, much more than in the past. In this context, those seeking to reconcile a career and a family have the same needs as those who manage every aspect of family life in the role of head of the family and those who are committed to their work growth or study, or greater availability of time and tools to be used to carry out the activities that are close to his heart ", stated at the opening Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President, Modern Life & Devices, Microsoft.

Our digital lifestyle

The rapid technological development that has marked the last decade has radically changed lifestyles. Today more than ever, people move smoothly between work and private life thanks to technology. Lifestyle change is centered on three fundamental dynamics.

  • The boundaries between the working environment and the private sphere are increasingly blurred, which leads to the feeling of being "always connected". Technology has allowed people to perform work and personal activities at any time and in any place. However, despite all the benefits that come with it, many users can not find the right balance.
  • The constant battle to win the attention makes it increasingly difficult to concentrate and be productive. Some people control the phone from 150 to 1000 times a day, passing 3-6 hours with their eyes fixed on the screen. Some services and apps are designed to capture users' attention and obtain personal data, thus subtracting time rather than returning it.
  • Finally, the desire to give meaning and purpose to work and life is increasingly growing. The concept of success is currently redefined. In fact, many people and professionals no longer perceive the career as a ladder, but rather as a network where growth takes place through new experiences, and end up pursuing various passions. This is precisely what we see today with the growing dynamism of the labor market, the gig economy and the success of companies that focus on "give back".

A new era of personal productivity opens up

Microsoft is able to contribute uniquely to the management of the digital lifestyle, developing innovative solutions that give people the tools they need rather than overwhelm them. Hence the attention it puts to inaugurate one new era of personal productivity that involves every aspect of people's lives. Not just at work, but also in everyday life, learning and play. Microsoft helps users to take advantage of the time in the best possible way thanks to experiences that support you in all areas of life and when using all the devices at your disposal.

Many news announced in this area. Surface devices are the ultimate expression of the Microsoft experience as a whole and are designed to work in all areas of your life, to stay current and be more productive. Today, Microsoft has announced the release of new Surface devices that continue to push the boundaries of a technology that, fading into the background, allows you to focus on what is really important. The news of the Surface family include: Surface Pro 6, 2 Laptop Surface, Surface Studio 2, Surface Headphones and a new way of purchasing Surface devices through Surface All Access.

  1. In today's world, where a multitude of devices are available, users need to be able to choose the phone and laptop they want, counting on the top of the range. Thanks to such features Your Phone App e Windows Timeline, you can easily switch between all the devices at your disposal, filling the gap between iOS and Android devices and your PC. It does not matter where the users are, the device they are using or the location of the content: what matters is the possibility of being always productive.
  2. Since nothing is more valuable than your time, Microsoft helps organize users' lives through Outlook and the calendar, helping users to analyze how they spend their time working to optimize all the activities to be done. For example, today we announce the integration of To-Do with Skype and, in order to manage your time more profitably than ever before.
  3. The security of data and identities for Microsoft is a constant commitment as well as respecting people's personal time. Thanks to Intelligent Security Graph and machine learning it is possible to guarantee the security of identities, data and the most important people through such features Family Safety for Microsoft Launcher.
  4. Finally, Microsoft will offer the tools to give free rein to creativity by collaborating with others. Microsoft will exploit the power of artificial intelligence, device innovations, such as the Surface Pen and Surface Dial, and Office 365 features, such as Inking in PowerPoint e Word, 3D animations integrate, in addition to collaboration tools, to free creativity with completely new ways.

These experiences will be possible thanks to the innovations introduced in Office 365 et al Windows 10 October 2018 Update, available today.

And it is from the new Surface devices, from Windows 10 and from Office 365 that the journey begins to provide you with the tools you need to experience the new era of personal productivity. We are fully aware of the incredible opportunities and responsibilities we take on as a technology company, setting ourselves the goal of making the most of people's digital lifestyle.

 The new Surface products:

Surface Pro 6

The iconic format that has made 2's success in 1 pushes the accelerator and works 67% faster thanks to the eighth-generation Intel Quad Core processors. Available in the elegant black version, Surface Pro 6 offers the ultimate in portability for today's digital life, consistently reliable connectivity and unmatched mobility, crowned with power and exceptional performance. The Surface Pro 6 battery lasts all day, providing up to 13,5 hours of work, leisure, or both. The full-friction hinge allows the smooth transition between the Laptop, Studio and Tablet modes: the versatility you need to be creative and productive in every situation. The presentation of the contents will be a real show thanks to the PixelSense display by 12,3 inches and the multi-screen connection. In addition, from today Surface Pro 6 also incorporates a 8.0 MP camera with autofocus. Surface Pro 6 will be available in Italy in the first part of the 2019 starting from 899 dollars

2 Laptop Surface

Surface Laptop 2 translates style and speed into a sleek, slim, ultra-light product that's always easy to take with you and fast charging. The taste for the design and construction of Surface Laptop is underlined by the skilful combination of the refined detail of the materials and the clean and elegant lines, to which is added the touch of luxury of the Signature keyboard, covered in Alcantara. As announced today, the black version is now added to the wide range of colors that includes platinum, burgundy and cobalt blue. Surface Laptop 2 turbocharges with the 14,5th Gen Intel Quad Core processor, up to 13,5 hours of battery life and the fastest, quietest keyboard. The 2-inch PixelSense immersive touchscreen allows for faster and more natural navigation, thanks to the edge-to-edge display and ultra-narrow bezel. Surface Laptop 6 also boasts OmniSonic speakers, for first-rate audio. Surface Pro 2019 will be available in Italy in the first part of 999 starting at $ XNUMX.

Business customers will also enjoy greater benefits with Surface Pro 6 for Business e Surface Laptop 2 for Business, which offer high levels of security with Windows 10 Pro, higher performance and an even faster Intel® Core ™ i5 processor by choosing the i5-8350 version.

Surface Studio 2

Considered by many synonymous with innovation and the birth of an unprecedented category of products, Surface Studio is designed to serve inventiveness and transforms your workstation into a creative forge. With increased graphics performance of 50%, Surface Studio 2 beats all Surface home speed records, with power and professional performance. The adjustable display Brilliant PixelSense from 28 inches is a marvel: a bright screen, an extra large canvas on which to transfer your ideas. In addition, Surface Studio 2 always integrates the Windows 10 Pro operating system, which offers maximum protection, effective management tools and increased productivity thanks to the Remote Desktop app and Cortana. As of today, Surface Studio 2 supports USB-C and Xbox Wireless connections for high gaming performance, and offers the latest model of Surface Sensitive Tilt, with 4096 pressure levels. Surface Studio 2 integrates naturally with Surface Dial and allows a wide experimentation with the Ink features supported by different software, including Office. Surface Studio 2 will be available in Italy in the first part of 2019 starting from 3.499 dollars

Surface Headphones

The first Microsoft smart proposal for the premium headphones category. The features are those that the public has now learned to associate with Surface: high-quality design, craftsmanship and interoperability with the services and experiences you value most. With Surface Headphones, listening becomes smarter, audio is exceptional and calls are made hands-free; leave the rest of the world out and increase productivity with the adjustable noise canceling function, to focus on your work or simply enjoy your favorite music in peace. And when do you take them off? The auto pause function even stops playback of the video or movie you are watching. Even the digital assistant Cortana is integrated and manageable hands-free, at your disposal to send you proactive notifications, read emails or start the next conference call. The Surface Headphones will be available exclusively in the US and UK markets by the end of the year for $ 349.

Surface All Access

One of the ways we put ourselves in support of a digital lifestyle is to simplify the purchase and use of the best Microsoft can offer for work and private life. With Surface All Access you will have the possibility to pay your Surface product in monthly installments starting from yourself 24,99 dollars for 24 months, which also include the subscription to Office 365, access to in-store training and more qualified assistance. Surface All Access is available at Microsoft points of sale in the United States.

More information on availability and prices will be made available in the coming months.

 Here are the new Windows 10 and Office 365:

The Your Phone app

Abandoning a PC operation to reply to a message or read a notification can easily distract you and stop the workflow. The app your Phone allows instant access from the PC to messages and photos on your Android phone, so you keep concentration and productivity high.

Windows Timeline on the smartphone

People alternate daily between work duties and personal activities carried out by PC and telephone. I will be able to find files and documents or web pages on various devices easily. With Windows Timeline, available from April for PCs running Windows 10, it is now also supported by iPhone and Android smartphones, and allows you to scroll through the history to find the files and sites consulted on your devices.

To-Do integration with and Skype

Anyone is able to write long lists of things to do: the real challenge is then to find the time to complete each point. With the integration of To-Do and, just drag each activity into a free slot in the calendar and reserve the time needed to do it. If, on the other hand, you receive an email associated with a commitment, dragging the email to To-Do automatically creates a new activity: here's how to be always organized and "on the piece".

Family Safety for Microsoft Launcher

By installing Microsoft Launcher on the Android devices of the whole family and activating their respective Microsoft Family accounts, every parent can sleep peacefully, knowing at any time where the children are, verifying that they are safe. Parents will also have the opportunity to monitor their children's activity on their various apps from their Android devices, checking which devices are used and for how long. Those who have included in the configuration also an Xbox One or a Windows PC 10 can also monitor the activities on these devices, always through Microsoft Launcher.

Use Ink in PowerPoint

We have brought artificial intelligence into Microsoft Office with a twofold objective: to simplify everyday life and make content more beautiful. Here's what you can conceive and create using only your digital pen and your touch device, thanks to updates released today:

  • With Ink, a bulleted list it turns into perfectly formatted text.
  • In creating a flowchart or chart with Ink, you can write and draw shapes and PowerPoint will convert them to text and frames in no time.
  • Or you can leave all the work behind our intelligent creation function. Starting from an empty slide, draw it using Ink e Designer will use the AI ​​to suggest a choice of slides.

Ink for Word

The new intelligent functionality of Ink Editor offers the ability to add a word and insert spaces or strings of text into a document without even touching the keyboard. All changes now take place in Word via the digital pen and your touch device.

Integrated 3D animations

The 3D PowerPoint and Word objects now feature built-in dynamic animations that bring your projects to life with ease.