We often hear about positive speech Nintendo Switch within indie games: Except for rare cases, independent games sell much more on the Japanese hybrid console, making the Nintendo console the favorite of the indie developers.

The sales one, however, is not the only reason why Nintendo Switch is well seen by the latter: also the methods of publication are fast and streamlined, as he explains Luc Bernard di Arcade Distillery during a recent one interview:

Each console has its own rules and steps to approve and publish the games. The simplest is the one on Switch. I can not say much for some non-disclosure agreements, but it is the fastest method.

Nintendo is quick to respond to e-mails and are easy to find. It has changed a lot from the past, they practically became as Sony was a few years ago, while Sony has now become as it was before Nintendo.

A quite clear eulogy to Nintendo and, at the same time, a complaint against Sony that does not seem to be interested in the indie games as it used to be.