During the weekend there were held Classic Tetris World Championships al Portland Retro Gaming Expo. In an incredible climax, seven-time champion Jonas Neubauer was defeated by Joseph Saelee, only 16 years old.

Before facing Neubauer, Saelee eliminated the great Japanese master Koryan, in an equally tense semi-final.

Having become the reigning champion of Tetris, the sixteen year old takes home the first 1.000 dollars prize. A rather poor figure compared to other prizes for other eSports.

Saelee was overwhelmed by the emotion after his victory, saying he arrived at the tournament "just to qualify". His opponent Neubauer added that the teenager "played with heart", defining his "exceptional" performance. An interesting point to note is that Saelee uses the technique of hypertapping, which means that he presses the D-pad of the NES controller used incessantly for these tournaments rather than holding it down.

You can watch the complete game on Twitch.