World of Warcraft he continues his solitary race in the world of MMORPG (real competitors are not seen on the horizon), but not for this his developers sleep on their laurels.

After a bomb start, the new expansion Battle for Azeroth he started to show some weaknesses, especially with regards to the Azerite equipment system (which replaced the Legion artifacts).

First of all, the drop system of the gear pieces in question was contested: since it is not possible to lay them down at the end of a Mythical dungeon, we must wait every week for the reward box and hope for the impossible, as the loot table includes any piece of possible equipment (and the percentage that comes out of Azerite's armor piece we need is really small).

Moreover, some data from this type of gear is clearly weaker than others (or some too strong, the choice is yours), making the gaming experience frustrating for many players who could not get some basic pieces for their own specialization.

As you can see some traits are EXTREMELY better performing than others and therefore desired

With the new patch the problem will be solved by entering a new currency that will be acquired in two ways: when we open the weekly reward box or destroying pieces of Azerite armor in our possession.

Once you reach a certain amount of this currency, you can buy an item that returns a piece of random Azerite equipment of a given slot or for an even higher price (more sensible move) buy exactly the piece we want.

Considering how important it was for players who are facing raid HC and Mitico to have the "Best in Slots", this solution definitely solves one of the biggest problems of Battle for Azeroth.

The new patch, from the name Tides of Vengeance, has not yet an official release date, but seen the Blizzcon at the door it is very likely that it will be announced there.