In the 2019, finally, the possibility of change your PlayStation Network ID. At the moment the function is being tested for all beta testers and things they did not start very well. In fact, many are in fact complaining several problems after changing ID, from simple headaches to very serious errors.

That the change would have given problems was well known, on the other hand a "beta test" is used precisely for this, but no such consequences were expected: in fact it seems that changing name involves the loss of many contents downloaded as paid DLCs purchased. Beyond that, some beta testers have reported the loss of bailouts, scores and progress made in winning the trophies; some offline and online gaming parts of certain games no longer seem to work, and finally the old ID still remains visible in some menus.

In short, we are still in the beta testing phase, but the problems to solve for the ID change of the PlayStation Network they really seem to be many.