Child of Light It is one of those videogame experiences that come suddenly into our "career" as a player and somehow mark us.

The story of Aurora and her fellow adventurers has honestly a special place in my heart and the recent re-edition for switch it gave me the chance to play again.

But now it's the golden age of the TV series adaptations and after the great success of Castlevania su Netflix and the insistent rumors about the transposition of historical titles like Diablo e Zelda, it seems that Ubisoft both in negotiations to bring Child of Light on the small screen.

On the other hand, for anyone who has played Child of Light he can well understand how easily his story can be adapted to a television show.

The writer Tasha Huo, in charge of adaptation, said:

"We love the fact that the game focuses on Aurora that discovers its strength ... I love videogames and I get excited, but we want people who have never heard of these games fall in love with them"

The goal of this Live Action is to highlight the figure of Aurora, a strong female character (considering that behind the project there seems to be the "Women's Film and Television Fellowship") with characteristics different from those we have already had way of knowing in other heroines who have made the leap from video games to movies or TV (just think of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider).