Everything that touches Blizzard it's gold, more or less. What is certainly true is that the company has always managed to reinvent itself, making the most of its IP and creating real mass phenomena as Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone e Overwatch.

For some time the company has been working on a new project and what we know today is that it belongs to a genre never before faced by Blizzard. TO talk about he is the new president J. Allen Brack at the opening of the BlizzCon:

We have many senior developers who have different interests in various genres. Tom Chilton has worked on WoW for more than thirteen years. He and I started a new project belonging to a genre never before. We think of many of the IPs we have available and we think that there are many different games in each of these IPs.

Taking Overwatch is a game that everyone knows but for us it is only a small part of a great ecosystem. Warcraft III and World of Warcraft, for example, are two very different gaming experiences. Addressed to different people. Yet they share a lot in terms of history, characters and mythology.

With these words, what will Brack want to tell us? What Blizzard is at work on a "World of Overwatch", Taking the story and characters of the shooter and adapting them to another genre? Or maybe we will have a real new IP?

We will find out only in the future, hopefully not too far.