The city of Lucca has paid homage to the teacher Matsumoto, father of Capitain Harlock, with the medal of the city. In a Teatro del Giglio filled with an enthusiastic audience the Sensei was honored by the first citizen of Lucca, Alessandro Tambelini, with the delivery of the official medal of the city.

In the presence of the Director General of Lucca Crea Emanuele Vietina, the first citizen greeted the sensei, calling him Grand Master: "that with your drawings you brought so many kids into space, you infused the passion for science and taught him to love freedom. Lucca will give you this medal that has just inspired the word Libertas, because our city has always appreciated and defended this important value ".

In addition to the Lucca medal, Matsumoto was also awarded the official Lucca Comics & Games medal.