A new update is available for survival multiplayer SCUM, a particular title for its hyper-realisticity in the management of the vital parameters of the character.

The update is called Wild Hunter and will allow, among other things, of give points to the prisoner's genitals (our avatar inside the game).

Interestingly, the "base size" is 10 cm, but users who have funded the game as "founders" will start with a length of 15 cm. Apparently, anyone who is not part of the latter group is condemned to start with below average size ...

It will still be possible to increase the size of the genitals up to 20 cm, or reduce it to 5.

The player will be faced with a difficult choice: to increase the length of his member at the expense of other more "useful" attributes, or to reduce it to invest in important parameters?

A really difficult decision ...

SCUM is available in early access on Steam. We leave you to the short introductory trailer of the Wild Hunter update (no penis is shown, do not worry).