PlayStation 4 Pro has been able to give good satisfaction to its users, especially with those games that take full advantage of console hardware such as, for example, God of War. Unfortunately, however, this greater power has brought with it greater noise, a problem that immediately annoyed the players who, however, can do very little.

Something has instead done Sony, having a hardware revision of the console: the new model CUH-7200, which replaces the CUH-7100, it is in fact quieteras he could see Digital Foundry.

PlayStation 4 Pro

The previous model could already count on some changes on the cooling system, but it is this new CUH-7200 that is going to solve, at least partially, the so-called problem of "jet engine". The obvious difference is in the power outlet on the back of the console, which is going to change and improve the management of heat and energy but that obviously does not change performance.

Using God of War's photography mode - so Digital Foundy did its tests - the CUH-7200 model generated noise between the 44 and the 48 dB (the 7100 model was between the 50 and the 55 dB); an electric consumption around 170W (the 7100 model is on 177W) and a maximum 66 ° heat (here the previous model behaved better, reaching a maximum 60 °).

We do not yet have a perfectly silent model, but certainly the work done by Sony with this hardware revision of PlayStation 4 Pro it is appreciable.