It's been a long time since we first heard about Avengers Project, title under development from Square Enix but of which we have never had precise information. Even it was thought of a cancellation, denied by the software that has reiterated the continuation of the work.

Just at this time we have further confirmation of the development of Avengers Project, with a official announcement trying to increase fan expectations:

The Avengers Project is designed for players around the world and will include iconic characters, locations and moments that have thrilled fans of the franchise. With a completely new story, the game will introduce a universe with which users can interact for years to come.

The information continues to be very vague, but that "for years to come"Could make one think multi-year DLC plan, or perhaps to a title belonging to the genre of MMOs, or simply simply one new series of games with chapters that will follow each other over the years.

All suppositions, but maybe we'll know more at the 2018 Game Awards: some tweets from Marvel insiders as well as information leaked from the Crystal Dynamics portfolio make one think of a big announcement coming soon; maybe for Avengers Project you will not have to wait much longer.