Thronebreaker, Gwent's recently released single player expansion is not selling as much as the developer / publisher CD Project Red he hoped and part of the problem could be in the store chosen for publication.

The expansion, which builds a new game and a new storyline around The Witcher 3 card mini-game, has not been released on Steam as the company has chosen to make it an exclusive of their store, GoG. This may have led him to underperform expectations, according to CD Projekt co-CEO Red Adam Kiciński. Here's how much communique to investors:

The initial period [of sales] may not live up to our initial expectations. The game appeared for the first time on GoG for fairly simple reasons. It is our priority platform and we wanted to release the game there first to the players who support us, but the reach of GOG is incomparably smaller than that of Steam.

Kiciński then quickly hinted that the game is now available on Steam and will be released on consoles next month. For this reason, and thanks also to the continued popularity of the Witcher brand, it is expected to sell "for many years to come".