Last week the 20th Century Fox registered a trademark for a videogame of Alien not yet announced. The title of the project should be Alien: Blackout.

A trademark tweet is added to the trademark registration Geoff keighley, presenter and organizer of the Game Awards.

Keighley has published an image that includes the words "WORLDS WILL CHANGE" ("WORLDS OF CHILDREN"). The characters used in this message are clearly those of Weyland-Yutani, a famous corporation within the Alien film universe.

The study that Alien is developing: Blackout should be the Cold Iron, a company founded in 2015 that includes former developers of Neverwinter and City of Heroes. The developer has been bought by the FoxNext, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, specifically to develop new Alien videogames.

Il Cold Iron site it allows us to get more information about their latest project. It should be a PC and console shooter, which could be inspired by Destiny.

In January of this year, the president of FoxNext Aaron Loeb commented on the acquisition of Cold Iron:

"I'm a fan of previous Cold Iron titles and all of FoxNext Games is excited to work with them to create a persistent world full of action, immersed in the mysteries of the beloved universe of Alien."

We await further information to Game Awards to be held on the night of December 7.