It is not a happy period for the historical characters brought on the big and small screen: after the big bad moods unleashed by the trailer of Saint Seiya, not even the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog if it is passing very well.

A few days ago, in fact, the first was published teaser trailer of the Sonic film, followed by one playbill. Both have unleashed the fury of the fans of the SEGA mascot and the motifs are very clear.

Sonic was made a anthropomorphic porcupine, which actually is, but what appears to be in this film is more a hairy man with Sonic's face that the true character made "realistic", as happened for example to the Pokémon in Detective Pikachu. The second photo, then, confirmed the first impressions, with some long legs, muscled and that they seem in all respects of the human limbs, but hairy and blue. Even the shoes have been made more realistic, but certainly this is the least of the problems.

Given the great chaos that is definitely putting the film in a bad light, it is the writer himself intervened who, with a very dry sentence, invited everyone to calm:

The film can certainly not be judged by a teaser trailer and a poster, but if already the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog, the protagonist, are these, then the premises are certainly not encouraging.