When you invent a dance that becomes famous and identifies you, epic Games would do well not to appropriate it to include it in its highly successful title, Fortnite. He's discovering it well these days, as the actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who starred with Will Smith in Willy The Prince of Bel Air, he denounced the software house because of his ballet.

With one of the latest updates, in fact, Epic Games has included a new celebration in Fortnite, and this is it a reproduction perfectly identical to the dance invented, if we can say so, by Alfonso Ribeiro.

With these words the lawyers of the actor intervene on the subject:

It is clear that Mr. Ribeiro's intellectual property has been used by Epic Games in the most popular video game in the world, Fortnite. Epic has made huge profits thanks to the content of the game, without rewarding its author or asking him for permission to use it.

Currently Epic Games has not responded to these allegations; we will see how the matter will be resolved, if with the payment by the software house, if with the cancellation of the ballet in Fortnite or with a nullity for Brook.