Since Paradox decided to expand into space with the brilliant Stellaris, it has become more difficult to emerge for the competition. A strategic space-themed game that undoubtedly keep on defending yourself well è Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellions, which sees the debut of a new DLC, called Minor Factions. On the occasion of the launch of the DLC, Solar Empire is available for free on Steam, compared to an ordinary price of 39,99 €.

The DLC Minor Factions adds 15 new minor factions to the game, each of which bears bonus, malus and specific skills. The player's empire will therefore have to deal with pacifists, mercenaries, sellers of used and xenophobic ships, among others. The DLC is available for purchase at a slight discount, to 5,39 € instead of 5,99 €, for the duration of the free offer of the basic game.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellions It is available free of charge up to 19 December 2018. The DLC, Minor Factions, it is available for purchase on Steam, and is discounted by 10%, always up to 19 2018 December.