G2A is one of the most used stores for the purchase of key and G2A Pay it is one of the services linked to it for payment. If you are one of its users and you have not worked for a long time, you will probably see it charged 1 euro.

To report the thing was a user on Reddit, publishing the content of an email received in which it was advised of the payment: the motivation, according to G2A Pay, is linked to maintenance and management of accounts inactive.

As a supervised financial institution, we must meet many requirements for monitoring and maintaining accounts.

We do not ask these accounts to buy compulsorily, but only to connect at least once every six months, to know that they are still with us.

G2A Pay therefore asks for this payment only to accounts that are inactive for 180 days and, as reported, he will do it Once a month until the first access. If you have used this service in the past and no longer intend to do so, we suggest that you remember to log in from time to time or simply delete your account.