The remake of Resident Evil 2 was expected for the 25 January 2019, and it arrived, punctual like the T-virus. After a wait made of speculations and trailer, we can finally get our hands on the title in "contemporary" version.

Capcom is very interested in making the most of it popularity its franchise of the past, and has other plans remake, even if the details are scarce. The horrors born of Umbrella Corporation are obviously on the front line, with Resident Evil 2 ready to come back as well board game, and the devs have been interested in a remake of the remake of the first game. The original remake dates back to the 2002.

To make matters worse, rumors support and Netflix started production work for one TV series su resident evil, focused on the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order emerged following the epidemic. The show will be entrusted to Constantin Film.

In the meantime, the best way to satiate your appetite of T-virus is undoubtedly to grab the remake di Resident Evil 2. The title is available on Steam for € 60. Capcom also offers the opportunity to try a free demo, but this will be disabled on the 31 January.