Square Enix has recently deposited some European brands related to the Mana series. In detail, these are brands like Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy Adventure and Mystic Quest.

The first game of the Mana series was titled Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden in Japan and was released in June 1991 for Game Boy. It was released in North America as Final Fantasy Adventure in November 1991 and later in 1993 as Mystic Quest in Europe. It was also released as part of the Seiken Densetsu collection for Switch in Japan in June 2017.

The sequel, Seiken Densetsu 2, was released in Japan in August 1993 for the Super Famicom, followed by a North American version in October 1993 and a European version with the same title in November 1994. This renewal of the brands could also mean the arrival of a new chapter in the saga.