A new Tetris was announced during the Nintendo Direct of yesterday. This new chapter, exclusively multi-player, is called Tetris 99, but it has already been (jokingly) renamed "Tetris battle royale".

The title, in fact, sees 99 players compete to remain the only survivor in a classic game puzzle game.

"99 players, only one winner! TETRIS® 99 presents you a classic puzzle game like you've never seen before. Go online and find the right strategy to beat other 98 players ... at the same time!

Use the Tetris in a strategic way, send KO the other 98 players and grab the win! "

The game is already available on Nintendo Eshop and it's completely free for subscribers to the Nintendo Switch online service.

During the same Direct was also unveiled the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening to Switch, of which we spoke in this news.