Apex Construct, VR title available on Steam from March 2018, has become the protagonist of a rather ... "bizarre" story. Andreas is telling us about it, member of Fast Travel Games (study developer of the game), through a post on Reddit:

"Last week Apex Legends came out, which by name and logo strongly reminiscent of our title (even if we arrived earlier). From the 4 February, Legends launch date, visits of Apex Construct on the Steam store have increased by 4.000%, although Legends is exclusive Origin and not on Steam. "
"The even stranger thing is that we have sold more copies in China this week than around the 2018!"

Andreas immediately wanted to specify that they are prepared to repay anyone who requests it. Unfortunately, despite the good faith of the developer and the lack of attention of those who went to buy a title for another, their Steam page was the subject of the usual negative review bombing. "Fortunately, the Steam team is working on it: we have not done anything wrong."