Gggmanlives, a well-known Australian youtuber, recently raised a fuss against EA, accusing the famous company videogame to have canceled the sponsorship contract for having negatively reviewed Anthem in one of his latest videos. The response of the EA is not slow to arrive and, through an official statement directed to Variety, has denied all the allegations of the youtuber. Gggmanlives is part of the Electronic Arts Game Changer Network, a program that allows selected content creators / players to access games and content in advance and exclusive way. This is where the company's defense starts from:
"Our Game Changers program is not designed to pay for video reviews. We do not believe in this approach. In this case, the conditions for disclosing this specific video were not met, so we asked for it to be deleted or corrected. We did not ask for the video content to be changed, we have included the youtuber in a blacklist. You can find the complete rules of the GameChanger program here. "

Also Lee Williams, Community Manager of the EA wanted to deny Gggmanlives with a tweet: "No one has been blacklisted by us, our team in Australia requested that the video be removed because some of our sponsorship disclosure conditions were not met. Nothing to do with the video content. "


The situation is extremely delicate and both seem to have their own reasons ... what idea have you made of yourself?