Information today sucks. What we talk about politics, news, football, video games, information is a slave to sensationalism, usability, consumption. It limits itself to informing, as if its task did not include training, educating. An article of 120 words, often, manages to be more convincing (and consequently read) than one by 120 lines. "It's what the market wants" and, faced with the market, anyone who finds themselves dealing with them sooner or later will only be able to lower their heads. This is why I do not want to take it out with who, "to live", is forced to submit to diktat that impose the creation of content that is sudden and poor in content. I should take it too with myself. In fact, I am aware of having written so many frivolous news, even if I started, the conditions were totally different. Articoloni, editorials, all with the aim of enhancing (and defending) my (our) favorite medium, the videogame. But then you understand that the site must (rightly) invoice, to invoice serves views, to make views serves to produce. Here then that what would have been the rule (to educate) becomes the exception and vice versa. After all, not the worst compromise, if all this is needed to keep the showcase alive in which to show our best works.
This, the reality. Then there was, until today, a dream. A dream called not only was able to fight inexorably the dynamics just described, but he did it by producing the most stimulating articles I've ever read. The keywords to describe that site could only be those used to name their favorite sections: ANALYSIS and DEEPENING. All I have always tried to do, in Talk about Videogames as in the remaining aspects of my life. I consider myself a self-centered person, self-confident and aware of his abilities, characteristics that have always pushed me to improve myself and, of course, not to make me feel inferior to anyone. At least until I started reading The articles found on that site have been, to date, among the very few products of human activity that I have profoundly envied. You know when you think: "man, I really wanted to do that thing". Here, those of are the only insights that I wanted to write. I envied Claudio Cugliandro, Parri, Grussu and the others. A genuine envy that in recent years has made me a spectator of their work without ever exposing myself in praise or quotes. At least until today. Today I want to take a few lines to thank them. The passion, the academic method and the perseverance with which they carried out their work will always be an inspiration. was the greatest Italian contribution to the emancipation of the videogame medium. You will be able to find part of their contributions on the Facebook page which, fortunately, will not close.

"What is dead never dies".